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Did the real Freddy Krueger live on the Coast? Here’s what we found out.

News flash: The real-life Freddy Krueger, the frightening character in the horror-movie series “A Nightmare On Elm Street,” lived in a farmhouse in Woolmarket — or so it’s said in a social media post.

The Krueger on the big screen is the burned character who wore a glove with razors for fingers and killed teenagers in their dreams.

According to a Facebook post being shared in South Mississippi, the movie was based on a real Krueger who lived on Mississippi 67 and killed 20 children in Harrison County. He reportedly was convicted and lived out his life at a psychiatric hospital in Gulfport, where he died.

Or so the post says.

Truth is, Facebook posts around the nation in recent years claim the real Krueger actually lived in cities including Cincinnati and Brooklyn.

And none of the posts are true, according to, a fact-checking website that debunks rumors, folk lore and misinformation.

Facebook posts shared in different regions of the nation have used a similar story but changed the locations, the website says. The posts generally mispell Krueger’s last name, calling him Kruger, and use a basic story but change the regions to localize the “story.”

But one thing changed as the prankster posts became localized. A post that appears to have been the original included a picture of a headstone at a cemetery. People who have made up heir own posts left off a comment at the bottom of the original.

“Actually, I just found this picture and made all that s--- up. Happy October everyone!”

The gravestone picture was unrelated to the Krueger of movie fame and was intended as a joke.

“The description was copied and pasted without its last line, spoiling the joke and confusing horror film buffs,” says.

Spoiler alert: Movie creator Wes Craven shared the story of how he came up with the idea for Krueger in October 2014.

Here’s what Craven told

I’d read an article in the L.A. Times about a family who had escaped the Killing Fields in Cambodia and managed to get to the U.S. Things were fine, and then suddenly the young son was having very disturbing nightmares. He told his parents he was afraid if he slept, the thing chasing him would get him, so he tried to stay awake for days at a time.When he finally fell asleep, his parents thought this crisis was over. Then they heard screams in the middle of the night. By the time they got to him, he was dead. He died in the middle of a nightmare. Here was a youngster having a vision of a horror that everyone older was denying. That became the central line of Nightmare On Elm Street.”

Robert Englund played Krueger in the 1984 movie and in seven other films. He also played Krueger on a television series and was a downloadable playable character in video games. Englund did not portray Krueger in a 2010 remake.

So, the myth or Halloween prank is officially debunked. But there is an Elm Street in Ocean Springs, Moss Point, Pascagoula and Picayune.

Robin Fitzgerald, 228-896-2307, @robincrimenews