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Sherry murders get the 'Miami Vice' treatment in new Dixie Mafia movie

It was an "ice cold" murder conspiracy that shocked the Mississippi Coast more than 30 years ago. And to this day, Biloxi residents are still shocked by the brutal double-murder of Vincent and Margaret Sherry in their North Biloxi home.

A hitman shot each of them multiple times, point-blank in the head, on Sept. 14, 1987.

Vincent Sherry, a Circuit Court judge, was found slumped over in the den, while the body of Margaret Sherry, a former Biloxi councilwoman who aspired to be mayor, lay in the bedroom.

An investigation that lasted more than a decade exposed the connection between the Sherrys’ deaths and the city’s long tolerance for wide open, illegal gambling and seedy striptease clubs where dancers offered their company in exchange for exorbitantly priced drinks.

A Dixie Mafia kingpin who once frequented Biloxi’s gambling dens and his local connection, the owner of three of those strip clubs, plotted the murders, it turned out.

A filmmaker told the Sun Herald last year that the Sherry murders were " too fascinating not to" be part of a movie about the Dixie Mafia.

sherry murders one
The bodies of Vincent and Margaret Sherry are removed from their Biloxi home on September 16. 1987, by Robert Burris, center left, crime scene investigator for the Biloxi Police Department, and Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove. At left is Tommy Moffett, the police chief Pete Halat demoted after he took office in 1989. John Fitzhugh

Travis Miller's "Cornbread Cosa Nostra" premiered at the Mary C. O'Keefe Cultural Center on May 18. And the film is taking a tour across theaters in Mississippi before it's available to watch online.

Although the murders of the Sherrys have been the subject of numerous articles and books, Mills said he wanted his film, which he wrote and is directing, to be his own vision.

“I’ve spent a lot of time interviewing one of the FBI agents that was assigned to the case,” Mills said. “We kind of went our own way with it — it’s based on what happened but it’s very fictionalized — I would describe it as ‘Miami Vice’ by way of the Cohen Brothers.”

Jeremy London of Ocean Springs plays Hicks, a lead role of the film. Mississippi football star Marcus Dupree is also in the film.

The film is being screened in Vicksburg, Madison and Hattiesburg through June, and will soon hit the online circuit.

Learn more about Cornbread Cosa Nostra by checking out their Facebook page.