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Got a biscuit idea that can’t be beat? Tell The Greenhouse

Jessie Zenor and Kait Sukiennik of Greenhouse on Porter in Ocean Springs.
Jessie Zenor and Kait Sukiennik of Greenhouse on Porter in Ocean Springs. Sun Herald

Hey there, biscuit fans. Yes, you. The one who holds a biscuit idea close to your heart but you’ve never told anyone because you’re afraid it sounds — well, weird.

There’s a place for your idea: The Greenhouse on Porter’s second Great Biscuit Springs Biscuit Tournament of 2016. Don’t worry. You don’t have to measure anything or turn on any kitchen implement. Just come up with a crazy-clever biscuit idea and submit it, said Jessie Zenor, co-owner of The Greenhouse, which is at 404 Porter Ave.

“You can submit up to five-ish,” she said. “We say five-ish because if you have six great ones, go ahead and submit them.”

The biscuit can be savory or sweet. If you’re not sure, there’s a “not sure which category, you decide” option. The only limits to the imagination are to just say no to really expensive or obscure ingredients, and to avoid meats that have to be prepared at The Greenhouse, which isn’t equipped to cook meats.

You’d better brainstorm quickly, though. The deadline for submission is Aug. 15. Entry forms are at

Tasting and voting will begin Aug. 31, Zenor said.

Once all the biscuit ideas are selected for the competition, she said, the public gets to start choosing the winner.

Each Wednesday starting Aug. 31, the Special Biscuits choice at The Greenhouse will be two savory and two sweet mini biscuits, all from the submitted biscuit ideas and baked at The Greenhouse. Every customer who selects the Special Biscuits gets a voting sheet. Each week, one in each category gets eliminated, and the winner from each category moves on to the next round, leading up to the finals. There, the overall winner will be chosen.

“We put up the brackets, just like in a basketball tournament,” she said.

Last year’s winner, Zenor said, was a cheddar cheese biscuit with pepper jelly and fluffy cream cheese, dreamed up by Kelly Koffler. The final round was in mid-December.

Like last year, The Greenhouse’s blog will post critiques of the week’s biscuits, adding to the fun of the competition.

“So far we’ve gotten about 60 entries, and that’s mostly from people who have submitted five or six each,” Zenor said. “We’d like to narrow the choices down to 30 or 40 for the tournament.”

Last year’s competition garnered about 60 entries altogether. Zenor and co-owner Kait Sukiennik would like to get lots more.

“We’re trying to get a more diverse entry pool,” Zenor said with a laugh.

Beyond “biscuit glory and bragging rights for a year,” the 2016 winner will get a 2017 Coffee Club membership and “a lot of attention from The Greenhouse.”

“I’ve been wanting to make a macaroni and cheese biscuit,” Zenor confessed. “We might have to do that this week to get people in the spirit.”

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