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DIY steak? Customize your cow at Ocean Springs eatery

There’s going to a steakhouse, and then there’s grilling your own steaks. Now, a restaurant in Ocean Springs is giving customers the opportunity to do both.

The Butcher: Licensed to Grill opened at 1219 Bienville Blvd. in early July, general manager Than Nguyen said. He came up with the concept after seeing similar restaurants elsewhere.

A display cooler is filled with various cuts of steak.

Small signs on picks indicate how many ounces are in each steak, and the price list hangs on the wall nearby.

The customer selects a steak, then is seated in the restaurant. A few minutes later, a wooden tray arrives at the table with a special flat stone that has been heated to 450 degrees, Nguyen said.

The selected steak is already cooking on the stone as it arrives. The customer gets to flip the steak and customize its doneness depending on his or her own preferences.

The customer also seasons the steak with salt, pepper, Tony Chachere’s, pepper sauce, steak sauce and/or garlic powder.

“We have T-bone, New York strip, filet mignon, ribeye, bone-in ribeye,” Nguyen said. “The steaks are at minimum aged 21-day stockyard Angus.”

For New York strip, prices range from $15 for 10 ounces to $20 for 15 ounces. Filet mignon ranges from $15 for 5 ounces to $21 for 8 ounces, and ribeye ranges from $13 for 10 ounces to $17 for 14 ounces.

Sides available a la carte are asparagus, baked potato, side salad, sauteed mushrooms, lump crabmeat, hand-cut onion rings, hand-cut fries and five-cheese macaroni and cheese .

“The neat thing is, if something starts getting cold, you can put it on the stone and warm it back up,” Nguyen said.

The restaurant has a wine and specialty-drink list as well as beer.

If you don’t care for beef, there are other options available.

“We also have fish, shrimp and salmon,” he said.

The Butcher: Licensed to Grill

Hours: 5 to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday; 5 to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday

Phone: 228-447-3612

The Butcher is on Facebook