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Froghead Grill is about good food and friends

JULIAN BRUNT/SPECAIL TO THE SUN HERALDThe sausage queso dip is cheesy and delicious.
JULIAN BRUNT/SPECAIL TO THE SUN HERALDThe sausage queso dip is cheesy and delicious.

I am not sure I have ever been to a restaurant like Froghead Grill in Ocean Springs. A restaurant with a frog theme? Frog green tortilla chips? Little green frogs in little aquariums? Yep, and amazingly this place makes the cut.

The green frog theme is pretty cool, as it is explained on the back of the menu, which shares the legend of Fred the frog, who embarked on a journey to find the meaning of life, which, as he discovered, turns out to be, "People the world over, regardless of race, culture, class, or means had one thing in common: The pure and utter pleasure brought by great food & friends!"

And, thus, Froghead ("a distant cousin to the Parrothead") Grill was born.

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Good eats match cute style

No matter how cool a restaurant may seem, the food has to be good or all the cuteness is to no avail. Froghead Grill gets it right.

I like the heft of the menu, not too petite, not too grand. It's a little bit Coastal, a little bit Cajun and a hint of modern, too.

Get started with sausage queso dip ($4.95), which is cheesy and delicious and comes with a few frog greens chips for dipping. The fried pickles ($5.95) look inviting and make for a great starter you could share. The other four appetizers also look good, especially the frog skins ($6.95), which, according to the menu, are "kettle style ranch chips drizzled with beer-infused cheese sauce, shredded cheeses, bacon, pico de gallo and sour cream."

The Cajun specialties are only three strong, but they are the basics that should not be missed: gumbo ($4.95 and $7.95), red beans and rice ($3.95 and $6.50) and lastly shrimp and grits (($10.95).

Wraps and po-boys are the heart of the menu. The wraps that come highly recommended are the Voodoo and the Mediterranean (both $9.95). The Voodoo combines sirloin, grilled chicken, bacon, pepper jack cheese and the house sauce, called, and I don't think you will be surprised, Trippen Toad Sauce.

A saucy treat

The Mediterranean wrap is filled with shrimp, melted cheese, baby spinach, tomatoes, onions, roasted peppers and a pesto ranch sauce.

Now that hit the spot!

There are six po-boys from which to choose, but highest marks go to the shrimp po-boy ($10.95), the Philly French dip ($9.50) and the Froggy Cheese Steak ($12.95).

There are a few other sandwiches, but special attention should be given to the Texas Hold Em hamburger ($9.25). Burgers abound on the Coast, but not all of them measure up. This one sure does. It has two slices of cheddar cheese, bacon, honey barbecue sauce and crispy onion rings. It is a delicious combination of flavors, melted cheese and a great beef patty, cooked just right. Order this burger with the cheese sticks.

There are a few platters worth perusing, with the hamburger ($12.95) and beef tips ($12.50) getting the best marks. There also are a few quesadillas, sides and desserts to consider.

Froghead Grill, which also has a location in Clinton, is a welcome addition to Ocean Springs. It has a tight little menu, with emphasis on interesting combinations and solid taste profiles. The prices seem moderate, service is snappy, and what's not to love about a green frog that is all about good food and friends?

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