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New Caribbean restaurant, Coast pizzeria cited for C violations by health department

Two Coast restaurants have been cited for critical violations, including one found to have insects, rodents or animals.

One is a new Caribbean restaurant with a focus on Puerto Rican food. The other is a pizza place that’s been in business at least three years, according to reports from the Mississippi State Department of Health.

The latest inspection reports show the critical violations:

  • Brasa Ardiente Restaurante, 3712 Old Mobile Hwy., Ste. A, Pascagoula: On Feb. 13, this new business was not in compliance with person in charge present demonstrates knowledge and performs duties; proper eating, tasting, drinking or tobacco use; hands properly clean and properly washed; adequate hand washing facilities supplied/accessible; food separated and protected; proper date marking and disposition of food; insects, rodents and animals not present; and toilet facilities properly constructed/supplied/cleaned. All the problems were corrected during the inspection except for the manager and toilet issues. Received an A in an follow-up inspection on Feb. 20.
  • New York Pizza #3, 1630 Bienville Blvd., Ocean Springs: On Feb. 19, was not in compliance with proper cold holding temperatures during an annual permit inspection. Has received As since its inspection reports were first posted online in February 2016.

Three of four eateries that recently received a grade or score of C have corrected all or most of their problems:

  • Oishi Japanese Express, 167 Pass Road, Biloxi: Received a C in an annual permit inspection on Feb. 8. Received a B on Feb. 15. Was not in compliance with food separated and protected. The violation was corrected.
  • Great Southern Golf Club, Inc., 2000 Beach Drive, Gulfport: Received a C in a scheduled inspection on Feb. 8. Received a B on Feb. 20. Was not in compliance with food contact surface cleaned/sanitized. The violation was corrected.
  • Angkor Donuts Breakfast and Lunch, 13061 Shriners Blvd, Ste. A, Biloxi: Received a C in a scheduled inspection on Feb. 7. Received a B in a follow-up inspection on Feb. 21. Was not in compliance with adequate hand-washing facilities supplied/accessible and food separated and protected. The violations were corrected.

Restaurants and other food venues receive a rating or grade of A if they pass a state inspection, and a B if most violations are corrected during the inspection. A score of C is given for critical violations. Management also is required to post the latest inspection report where customers can see the current rating.

To file a complaint about food service issues at a specific place, visit your county health department or email with details.

You can check out individual food venues’ inspections online at

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