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If you are a fan of Thai food, you’ll love this Sunday brunch

Nongnut Deitke serving hungry customers.
Nongnut Deitke serving hungry customers. Special to the Sun Herald

If you are ready for a change in your Sunday brunch routine, have I got some news for you. Often brunch is all about mimosas and fancy food, but along with that goes a pretty stiff price, and just maybe you are in the mood for a real change of venue that won’t break the bank.

Wat Buddhametta Mahabaremme is a Buddhist temple in Gautier (Yup, I didn’t know it was there, either!), and every Sunday the good people who worship there put on a pretty incredible buffet. If you are a fan of Thai food, then you are going to love this Sunday only event.

Thai food is famous the world over for its spicy heat, but also for being comfort food on a different level. My favorite is pad Thai, or fried noodles Thai style. Noodles that have been danced around in a hot wok, often with bean sprouts, onion and egg, make this as satisfying a dish as can be found. Pad Thai is often fortified with one of the famous Thai dipping sauces, a delicate balance of sweet, sour, salty and hot, that compliments many Thai recipes, and I think once you try it you will be hooked. The pad Thai at this wat (temple) is homemade goodness, like every dish I tried there, that will bring you back again and again.

I also sample fried Thai style egg rolls, chicken wings and a fried rice dish (khao pad) that were all great, but the satay (sold separately) deserves special mention. Satay is a general term for skewered meat that has been grilled and generally served with a sauce, and is classic street food. These were chicken and were so tender and delicious I could have eaten a double handful.

Let me stop right here and tell you perhaps one of the most amazing facts about this family style Thai buffet. If you get the basic buffet, which was more food than I could eat, it is going to cost you the grand sum of $5. No kidding. The satay are $1 each, and the ones I devoured had five or six pieces of chicken of each skewer. Double wow. I did not get the chance to try the green papaya salad (som tum), but it looked delicious and will cost you just a dollar or two more.

Wat Buddhametta Mahabaremme is a pretty amazing place, with delightful food, at a bargain price, but also served by some of the friendliest people you are going to ever meet. On top of that, you are supporting a good cause, as the proceeds go to pay for the temples expenses. Check it out Sunday.

Wat Buddhametta Mahabaremme

Where: B6300 Martin Bluff Road, Gautier

Hours: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday

Phone: 251-508-6235