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Le Café Beignet has a classy menu and really good food

Very classy shrimp and grits at Le Cafe Beignet in Biloxi.
Very classy shrimp and grits at Le Cafe Beignet in Biloxi. Special to the Sun Herald

Le Café Beignet just may surprise you. Yes, they offer made-from-scratch, and made-to-order beignets, but that’s just the beginning. Take a look around this iconic Biloxi landmark. The high ceilings, small but elegant dining rooms are a perfect match to the Spanish Colonial revival architecture, and the menu is just as classy.

Sure, start your morning with a French beignet, it’s a family recipe, and a cup of coffee (try the pecan praline latte (just $3.95), and there is also a great breakfast sandwich, think (or should I say dream?) melted gouda cheese, low country quiche and apple wood smoked bacon ($8.95), but Le Café Beignet is more about a classy brunch, so give that menu a good look over.

The shrimp and grits were sensational (just $9.99) and were made with Gouda cheese, a fine step up from the run of the mill cheddar many places use, and the apple wood bacon really adds flavor and a nice contrast in texture. The spicy seafood omelet ($13.95), which is new on the menu since the café moved, is made with shrimp, lump crab, portabella mushrooms, spinach, Colby jack and gouda cheese, and that’s as classy an omelet, with a great local flair, that you will find anywhere. Another brunch time favorite is the Southbound and Down. It’s a great breakfast of two fried eggs, gouda grits, applewood bacon and baguette buttered toast. Wow and it is just $9.99.

There is also a great selection of sandwiches and wraps, ten in total. The best-seller is the South Mouth and I’ve got to tell you it was one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a long time. Grilled bell peppers, portabella mushroom, onion and lots of melted cheese adorn thick slices of London broil, on ciabatta bread. Let me make something very clear, this was some of the best London broil I have ever had. Beefy and bursting with flavor, while remaining tender and juicy. I’d drive a long way and pay a heck of a lot more than the $11.99 Le Café Beignet charges for this amazing sandwich.

All the wraps looked good, and all the more the pity that I just didn’t have the room to try one. My pick next time will be the Surf and Turffer. Its made with that same delicious London broil, large shrimp and remoulade sauce. It sounds amazing and is again reasonably priced at $10.99.

Downtown Biloxi is popping with excitement and new developments. People are out and about walking the streets and seeing the sights, and Le Café Beignet is sure to be a hot spot for locals and visitors as well. Exceptional food, beautiful ambiance and solid service.

Le Cafe' Beignet

Where: 124 Lameuse St., Biloxi

Hours: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Sunday

Phone: 228-207-0371