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Miss eating at Kim Long in Biloxi after a fire closed it? Never fear, there is a Kim Long 2

Vietnamese style fried rice, don’t forget the hot sauce.
Vietnamese style fried rice, don’t forget the hot sauce. Special to the Sun Herald

Kim Long 2 Vietnamese & Thai Cuisine, 1408 Bienville Blvd, Ocean Springs, is more in demand than ever these days.

In recent weeks, a fire temporarily closed longtime Biloxi favorite Kim Long Restaurant at 832 Division St.

Don’t worry, you can find the same fine Vietnamese dishes, including the beloved Pho, at Kim Long 2.

However, Kim Long 2 takes it one step further by also offering Thai cuisine, and the genius behind all the great cooking is Chef Oanh Chau, one of the most-respected Asian chefs on the Coast.

If you make it for lunch, you should check out the $9.95 lunch special. They offer eight choices from which to choose, including three Thai -style curries, but my choice is always going to be beef and broccoli. It is served with steamed rice, tender beef and a can’t-get-enough-of, delicious brown sauce.

The Thai menu has a dozen options and includes famous dishes, including Pad Thai (chicken or pork $10.95), an amazing combination of stir-fried-rice noodles, tofu, egg, onion, bean sprouts and ground peanuts, with your choice of chicken, beef, pork or shrimp.

Another Thai dish you might recognize is Tom Yum. It is a delicious hot and sour soup that is most often served with shrimp ($13.95).

In the extensive Vietnamese menu, there are lots of rice, pork, beef, vegetable and seafood options to choose from. If you have never had clay pot pork ($18 and $20), and are a fan of sweet pork dishes, then this where you should go. It is sweet and spicy, so tender and delicious. The grilled beef and rice ($11) is also very good.

If you are a fan of the ever-popular Asian-American dish, fried rice, Kim Long II with set you up with four different versions that vary in price from $9 to $13. Choices include Chinese sausage, BBQ pork, chicken and shrimp. And the portions are huge.

There are more than one 100 things from which to choose at Kim Long 2, but you should try the pho. It is the national dish of Vietnam and is amazing any time of the day. There are nine different pho dishes from which to choose ($8.50 to $15), but you have to try the beef and meatball.

Kim Long 2

1408 Bienville Blvd, Ocean Springs


10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday to Sunday