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BB’s Po-Boys & Seafood Restaurant has been serving up world-class po-boys for 27 years

A soft shell crab po-boy is one of the best sellers at BB’s Po-boys and Seafood.
A soft shell crab po-boy is one of the best sellers at BB’s Po-boys and Seafood. Special to the Sun Herald

BB and Cindi Minton have been serving great food at BB’s Po-boys & Seafood Restaurant for 27 years.

BB’s sells only Gulf-fresh seafood, and tables hold containers of real butter, not margarine.

The roast beef po-boy is stuffed with roast beef that spent 14 hours slow roasting in the oven in BB’s tiny kitchen.

The litmus test for me for any restaurant that sells po-boys is the fried shrimp po-boy, and in that category, BB’s is over the top. Their fried shrimp po-boy ($10.95) is made with perfectly fried, flavorful shrimp on great bread and dressed with fresh lettuce, ripe tomatoes and mayonnaise, just like it is supposed to be.

There is an interesting variation of the shrimp po-boy on BB’s menu, and it is called the Shopped ($13.95). It is made with crispy fried shrimp, bacon and provolone cheese. Wow!

I am a sucker for a roast beef po-boy, though, and could not resist trying the one served at BB’s. It was loaded with succulent roast beef, enough gravy to require a half roll of paper towels and shredded cabbage instead of lettuce. It is a world-class roast beef po-boy for $10.95.

The soft-shell crab po-boy ($11.95), and the Surf and Turf ($13.95) po-boy, made with shrimp and roast beef, both earn high marks from returning customers.

BB’s also offers a selection of platters, including a seafood combo and country fried steak with prices from $8.95 to $27.95. The menu also offers nine side dishes, salads, a gumbo that is renowned and deserts that deserve some consideration.

I’ll be going back soon for the Surf and Turf po-boy, which is made with an amazing combo of roast beef and fried shrimp. Shazam!

BB’s Po-Boys & Seafood Restaurant

Where: 300 Bienville Blvd., Ocean Springs

When: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday-Saturday

Contact: 228-875-2702