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Eat Drink Love has a sitdown location with excellent food in Ocean Springs

A charcuterie platter you will long remember.
A charcuterie platter you will long remember. Special to the Sun Herald

You might remember Eat Drink Love from its catering and take and bake services.

It is always reliable for a quick meal when you are too jammed to prepare it yourself, but want a quality meal for your family.

Now, however, Eat Drink Love offers a place to sit down and enjoy that same great food.

Don’t worry, Seth and Lauren Baker still offer their catering and take-and-bake services, but their new restaurant is lovely with a charming atmosphere and an interior with lots of wood and warm colors.

Seating options are cool, too, with a wrap-around-the-room bar featuring about 12 stools, and two custom-made picnic-style benches to share, a few tables on the deck and a few more in the garden just outside.

The menu is written on three wall plaques that allow for frequent changes. The menu is small but everything they make is wonderful.

We started with the charcuterie special for $13. We had caper dill deviled eggs that everyone agreed were great, and Jamaican pico di gallo with Brie bruschetta that was sensational.

The bread was crusty and chewy, just like it was supposed to be and the pico di gallo was spicy and delightful and the cheese brought it all together with a creamy finish.

But that’s not all. There also was house-brined rosemary and fennel olives, prosciutto and Genoa salami. This was a delightful start to a meal that just got better and better.

Next, we had a turnip green and artichoke dip for $8. This one stands out from others with the addition of turnip greens and served with crusty slices of baguette.

When I saw the pimento and cheese sandwich with sliced tomato on a jalapeno cheese bun on the menu, I had to try it.

Everything was right about this sandwich, and it was worth every penny of the $10 I paid for it. My partner, Lesley Fenton, ordered the turkey pesto wrap with aioli, sliced tomato and balsamic reduction ($10), and it was equally as delicious and well executed.

Eat Drink Love is a great place to bring the laptop and enjoy a snack or a great lunch of amazing food.

Eat Drink Love

604 Porter Avenue Ocean Springs


Monday – Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.