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The Noodle House in D’Iberville is a welcome addition

Chicken wings are one of only two appetizers available at The Noodle House in D’Iberville.
Chicken wings are one of only two appetizers available at The Noodle House in D’Iberville. Special to the Sun Herald

Almost every Asian culture has at the heart of its cuisine a noodle soup.

We are blessed with a good handful of Vietnamese restaurants on the Coast, and I have to say I’ve never had a bowl of pho I did not love.

So when word got out about a new place in D’Iberville that specializes in Asian-style noodle soups, I just had to go.

The Noodle House is north of the D’Iberville Wal-Mart, and a bit east, so it is not hard to find.

There is plenty of parking, and the place is open seven days a week.

The menu is simple and to the point — mostly soups, with just four rice dishes. My friend Ralph Hyer and I made a lunch date out of it, and we had been there just a few minutes when it became obvious service was going to be sharp and snappy.

The soups are in two broad categories — an Asian-style noodle soup with Ramen noodles, vermicelli, udon and clear rice noodles (prices vary from $10.50 to $12) and a five-strong list of more traditional Vietnamese pho-style soups. The pho is made with beef broth and varies primarily in the protien content, including brisket, round, meatballs, fish balls, tripe, pork and a few vegetables.

We started with one of the only two appetizers, chicken wings ($7.50).

My friend tried the Mi Cay, a spicy soup made with Vietnamese-style Ramen noodles, broccoli, mushrooms, shrimp, fish balls and kimchi, which added a bit more spice. This hearty soup was just $10.50 and is large enough that it will be hard for most to finish. It is highly recommended.

I went for the more-traditional pho, Pho Dac Biet ($12). It was loaded with rice noodles, beef meatballs, thin-sliced brisket and round steak in a fragrant, delicious beef broth.

I can think of no other dish that is as delicious, comforting and hearty. It comes with a side of bean sprouts, Thai basil, lime and hot peppers, combined with a splash of sriracha, perhaps a few drops of fish sauce and you are on your way to customizing your pho into something very special indeed.

Just one word of caution: Pho is habit forming. After you figure out how to use the chopsticks in one hand, and the Asian-style spoon in the other, it will become a lifelong addiction.

The Noodle House is a great place for an introduction to Asian-style noodle soups or, if you already have the habit, a chance to explore yet another specialty restaurant that’s getting it right.

The Noodle House

3516 Sangani Boulevard, D’Iberville

11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily