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In & Out Stop convenience store cooks up an eclectic menu of good food offerings

Gumbo is always a good indication of how good a place is.
Gumbo is always a good indication of how good a place is. Special to the Sun Herald

In & Out Stop convenience store is a mouth full in more than one way.

It is both a gas station that sells regular and non-ethanol gasoline, and it is a convenience store, so if you are looking for some motor oil, a cold beer, a Slim Jim, chips, Spam or a can of chili, it’s got you covered.

But the reason most people come to this particular convenience store is for the delicious food cooked up onsite in the kitchen.

When I walked in I asked two customers sitting at a nearby table what was good, and one replied, and the other concurred, “Everything here is good.”

That’s a pretty good start to discovering a new eatery.

I then learned that both of these gentlemen had driven all the way from Mobile for a bowl of housemaid etouffee.

I pick up a copy of the menu but couldn’t find etouffee on it. Ah, so it’s that kind of place, I thought.

Someone comes out of the kitchen and suggested I try the gumbo.

There is a big yellow menu on the wall by the cash register, and I did see gumbo listed there, written in ink. It’s $5.99, by the way.

I think I am beginning to figure this place out. It’s a bit funky, a bit out of the way.

I get a paper copy of the menu and take a look. There are a few Asian choices on the menu, such as fried rice ($7.99 and $9.99) and lo mein ($9.99 and $10.99).

The menu also offers some of my favorite Southern diner specialties as well — hamburger steak ($8.99), gravy, chicken, rice ($8.99) and red beans and rice ($8.99).

A more thorough look at this menu reveals that In & Out is as eclectic a menu as you will ever find, with a menu that offers too many categories to list here, but there is one common denominator: it is all delicious.

The best sellers seem to be the aforementioned gumbo, shrimp Alfredo ($9.99) and fried shrimp po-boys ($8.49), and I am sorry I did not get a chance to try everything that got my attention.

In that category, I’d have to put the pork chop sandwich ($4.99), fried mac-n-cheese ($2.99), turkey necks (one of my all-time favorites at just $5.59), stuffed jalapeno’s (($0.99) and a smoked turkey po-boy ($7.99).

Guy Fieri would love this place, and so will you if you like to get off the beaten path.

Dine in if you want to share a picnic table with others, but there are a few tables for two as well. Takeout is a good option, and In & Out also caters and delivers for orders over $50.

I think you are going to love this place if you give it a chance.

It’s a bit funky in a marvelous way. The prices are right, service is snappy and the food is just darned good.

In & Out Stop Convenience Store

3219 14th Street, Pascagoula

Kitchen hours Monday-Saturday 10 a.m. to 7:45 p.m.