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South Mississippi actors doing good things with ‘Bad Moms’

The comedy ‘Bad Moms’ opens nationwide on Friday.
The comedy ‘Bad Moms’ opens nationwide on Friday.

The comedy “Bad Moms” will finally hits theaters nationwide on Friday. The movie stars Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, Christina Applegate and Jada Smith.

Filmed on location in New Orleans, it also features a handful of amateur actors from South Mississippi.

Amy Wilson is a mother of three from Long Beach and was cast as an extra in the movie, along with the twins of Hancock County native Jessica Favre and former Miss Mississippi Christine Kozlowski, who is from D’Iberville.

Wilson said the movie was a special event for her because she wasn’t the only one in her family to get a role as an extra.

“My son, Sullivan, who is 12, was in several of the school scenes,” Wilson said. “Central Casting posted on Facebook that they needed kids for the school scene so I submitted his photo and then I submitted for the party scene.”

Wilson said that although she saw all of the stars on set, she remained professional.

“Kathryn Hahn said hello to me but it’s a pretty big no-no to speak unless you are spoken to,” she said. “Kristen (Bell) stayed pretty focused, not impolite, but she was just working diligently.”

“Bad Moms” is not Wilson’s first film. She said she spent a couple of days working on a high-profile Marvel property that was also shot in New Orleans.

“I spent two days on ‘The Wolverine’ set and Hugh Jackman introduced himself to me,” Wilson said. “We rehearsed a scene, but the director ended up bumping me and the other extra out —when you see it and Logan is stumbling out of the elevator, I was supposed to be paralyzed right outside the elevator.”

She said she used her real life experiences when preparing for her role in “Bad Moms.”

“I work at my husband’s law office and I am basically a stay-at-home-mom — that’s what made this so fun,” Wilson said. “It was pretty easy to pretend to be having a great time with all the other ‘party moms.’ ”

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