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Hugh Jackman spotted filming for Wolverine 3 at NASA's Michoud plant

Fans confirmed Hugh Jackman is near the Coast filming scenes for the next Wolverine movie.

He was spotted just across the state line at the NASA Assembly Plant at Michoud in New Orleans East, not far from Slidell, on Monday, shooting a fight scene outdoors on the property.

Workers in nearby offices took their lunch break to watch Jackman through the fence surrounding the set.

Leslie Mathes, a former Gautier resident who works there, told the Sun Herald she watched Jackman fighting men in black who looked like federal agents in front of a green screen with dust being blown across the set.

"He's very handsome," Mathes said. "And tall."

She said he was dressed in a white shirt and had a scruffy beard. He stepped out of a car over-and-over and fought the men.

Mathes said she heard that the fans blowing dust across the set meant "they're pretending it's Mexico."

Her daughter, Isabel, said they were able to walk onto the set at first and were really close until a man ushered them off.

"This guy said politely that we had to leave," Isabel Mathes said. "We said, 'We just want to see Hugh Jackman,' and he said, 'I get it, but you still have to leave.'"

The untitled production of the third Wolverine movie is being referred to as "Juarez" according to the New Orleans film site and will be in production until Aug. 19.

The NASA plant is a revolving door of film crews. Just last year, Tom Cruise was there shooting the "Jack Reacher" sequel.

Mike Scott at reported rumors that crews were scouting locations for the film around New Orleans in March and that filming for Wolverine 3 would begin in May.

Fan websites are reporting this will be Jackman's last time to play the role and the story line will include an older, retired, perhaps happily married Wolverine forced back into service.

The Wolverine movies are a spinoff of Marvel Comics' X-Men.

The Wolverine 3 production is looking for children to cast. Send age and contact information to