Throwing Shade

We always forget about this Coast gem

A lone car passes the Biloxi Lighthouse at sunrise.
A lone car passes the Biloxi Lighthouse at sunrise.

Everyone who is anyone always has their “favorite spot” in their hometown or the place where they call home, and South Mississippians are no different.

For some, it’s the Biloxi Lighthouse. Others may love a local restaurant or a favorite local bar. Maybe it’s a museum or a charter fishing tour.

But many people who live on the Coast often forget one of it’s most valuable gems — the beach.

I’m not a “beachy” person, and have no desire to lay in sand all day and bake under the sun. The only water I like to swim in is the kind where I can see the bottom of my feet. I prefer leaving the waters on South Mississippi beaches to the sea life that thrives inside of it.

But for me, and for countless others, the beach symbolizes peace, beauty and a way of life that others who did not grow up on the water might not understand.

How many times have you been angry, mad or upset and taken a drive down U.S. 90 as the sun sets? I have done it countless times. Have you ever been away for a long time and just rolled your windows down just to smell the salty air? Guilty.

One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen is the sunset from the Interstate 110 loop as the sun goes down. The blues, purples, pinks and yellows play the sky like a watercolor painting. The water — glassy calm — brings me to a place of peace, all while jamming to “Jagged Little Pill” inside my car.

Driving westbound at night is also a treat, as many of the beach homes are illuminated, adding to an ambiance you can only find in a beach town.

The water may be murky, but you don’t have to walk along the beach or even swim to appreciate the beauty and value in growing up next to the water.