Throwing Shade

Mississippi welcomes you ... unless you identify as LGBT


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Mississippi politicians seem to be infatuated with the state's LGBT community.

When I saw that the House and Senate advanced House Bill 1523, the first thing that came to my mind was Mariah Carey.

Seriously, though, "Why you so obsessed with me?" How many bills targeted towards ostracizing gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people will sweep through the Capitol?

Politicians want Mississippians to be able to deny service to the LGBT community and use religion as their crutch.

"Hi, yes. I'm not baking your wedding cake because Jesus."

"Hello, it's me, the dress shop who won't sell you or your future wife a wedding dress because Jesus."

"Hey. Unfortunately, I won't be able to sell you thousands of dollars of food for your reception because Jesus."

"What's up? No, I'm not Kim Davis, but I can't give you a marriage license because Jesus."

How many of Mississippi's man-made broken limbs do politicians expect the man upstairs to mend?

What's really sad is that lawmakers could be using their time and taxpayer's money to pass bills that would really help the state rather than kick us back to 1955.

Some Coast lawmakers, such as Rep. David Baria, Rep. Jeramey Anderson, and Rep. Sonya Williams-Barnes, voted against the bill.

Others, such as Sen. Sean Tindell, Sen. Michael Watson, Sen. Brice Wiggins and Sen. Tommy Gollott voted for the bill.

You can read the full list here.

Other states have abandoned similar bills because of public outrage and protest against them. So, will Gov. Phil Bryant sign HB 1523?

Welcome to Mississippi, where hunters and fisherman are protected by the state constitution, but its LGBT community is not protected by much of anything. When will we learn that love conquers hate?