Throwing Shade

You know you're from The Kiln when...

You can take the guy out of Hancock County, but you can't take the Hancock County out of me.  

As a Kiln native, I never bat an eye when someone asks where I'm from and I respond, "The Kiln." I would put in a voice pronunciation guide, but you know how to say it if you're a South Mississippian.

Sure, I know some people think we're a little country, a little backwoods and maybe even a little redneck. All of that may be true, but people are also forgetting how extraordinary we are. 

It's pretty easy to figure out if someone is from above I-10 in Hancock County.  You might be from the Kiln if: 

1. You ate breakfast at Dolly's before school

2. You went to SnoPalace (RIP) after you got out of class early and got a sno-ball or swirled ice cream cone

3. You ate red beans on Monday nights at the Broke Spoke

4. You went to a football game at a stadium with a Brett Favre statue

5. Dempsey's macaroni and cheese is at most special or formal events 

6. Summers include a boat ride on the Jourdan River 

7. You gossip with Katie Joe and Brie at Katie's hair shop

8. You've signed your name to the wall at Dolly's or on anything at The Spoke

9. You've been to a wedding in the "little" Annunciation Catholic Church

10. You carpooled to school but it wasn't quicker because your friends lived further in the woods than you did

Did I miss anything? Send me an e-mail.