Throwing Shade

Justin Bieber's leaked nude photos are none of our business

The sound of iPhone buzzing is usually the the first thing I hear in the morning. Today, as my group message ringtone went off, I was in for a shocking surprise. 

A friend had sent us an alleged leaked photo of Justin Bieber, and he was totally naked.  The photos flooded the Internet yesterday when paparazzi released the photos of the Biebs on a trip to Bora Bora. Several blog sites and magazines have been questioning the size of Bieber's penis after his Calvin Klein underwear ad was released. Some claim his underwear was stuffed, while others said Bieber's package was the real deal.

After about 10 minutes of gawking and investigating, I deleted the picture from my phone.

Why? Because Justin Bieber should be the one to decide to put naked photos of himself on the Internet. Just like several startlets whose phone photo galleries were leaked last year, it's a clear invasion of privacy  to take photos of someone from afar.  If the Biebs wants to let his seagull hair flow in the wind while nude in Bora Bora, then by all means, fly away. 

If someone took a naked photo of me from miles away and published it to the Internet, I would file a restraining order, get a lawsuit, and make a super dramatic Facebook post about how my life is officially over because of a creep (and then probably delete it at the advice of my lawyer).

We have  to stop exploiting celebrities for curiosity's sake. Justin Bieber's penis should be none of our concern.