Throwing Shade

BLOG: Throwing shade at myself for making excuses to skip the gym

Putting a bar stacked with weight across your sunburned shoulders is never a good idea.

So, I skipped the gym on Monday. On Saturday, I met a good friend at a hotel pool for a relaxing day. Four hours later, my pale white skin resembled that of a deviled egg. In some parts, my skin was scorched. In other areas that were shaded, lines of white frail skin emerged.

My first mistake was forgetting to wear sunblock. My second mistake was using a sunburn as an excuse not to workout.

I love Crossfit and the Chinese buffet. I also love hanging out with friends and finding any excuse to drink mimosas inside of a saltwater pool.

The problem is that when we are putting ourselves through a challenge or an obstacle, it's all too easy to find any reason to cop out.

For me, it was a sunburn.

I feel terrible, so I should eat terrible and not go to CrossFit.

By Wednesday, my coach Sara finally saw my face again. Ironically, I got an e-mail from the gym the night before.

It's been almost a week. CrossFit Portside misses you.

Okay Sara, I get it. I need to get my red butt to class.

And man, oh man, was I sad I skipped so many days. And so were my arms and legs.