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A Kilnbilly good time: 7 things to do in Kiln

McLeod Park nature trial
McLeod Park nature trial SUN HERALD

As a young adult, I love nothing more than going to downtown Ocean Springs on Thursday nights. I love singing karaoke at The Juke Joint, grabbing dinner at Leo's and jogging down Front Beach and checking out all of sailboats parked in the sand outside the yacht club.

The city is gorgeous, the downtown is fantastic and the nightlife is vibrant. And the art--forget about it.

When I was in college, some of my good friends were from Ocean Springs. As a Kiln native, the cities aren't too far apart but are probably considered worlds different.

The downtown area in Kiln consists of two bars, a sassy hair salon my friend owns and Dolly's Quick Stop--all quietly nestled along Mississippi 603.

There are no local markets, and there aren't any stylish clothing boutiques, but there is an awesome brewery, a park nestled along the Jourdan River and some great local restaurants with unique cuisine.

I do love Ocean Springs, but I hope that Jackson Countians and Harrison County residents alike would perhaps consider taking a drive west on Interstate 10 and then north on Mississippi 603 and enjoy a day off the beaten path in the Kiln.

Here's a few things you can do for fun:

1. Walk the nature trail at McLeod Park

2. Eat a chicken on a stick from Dolly's Quick Stop.

3. Grab a beer at the Broke Spoke and swap stories with Stevie or Smiley.

4. Have dinner at Dempsey's and get the macaroni and cheese. You won't be sorry.

5. Sing Karaoke at C.C.'s.

6. Take a tour of the Lazy Magnolia brewery and drink some craft beer.

7. Go on a trail ride with Poppa Lee Farms — it's horseback riding like you'd never expect.