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3 reasons why 'Shake It Off' should win Grammy for record of the year

Taylor Swift performs in Times Square during New Year's Eve celebrations on Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2014 in New York.
Taylor Swift performs in Times Square during New Year's Eve celebrations on Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2014 in New York. Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

There's a 99 percent chance I'm singing Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" at the top of my lungs, mostly in my terrible falsetto, if you catch me bobbing my head and giving Mariah Carey face at a red light.

If my favorite karaoke man would get "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea, I would sing it every Thursday.

What's even better than an emotional car ride with Sam Smith and being on-stage with Iggy? Sam Smith and I-G-G-Y stations on Spotify.

I like "Stay With Me" and "Fancy" more than Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off," but I think Swift deserves the Grammy for record of the year. Here's why:

1. Swift has finally found herself As much as I hate to admit it, the 1989 album is proof that Taylor Swift is actually an adult. Some records are filled with rhymes of the tall music diva making fun of herself or addressing the constant rumors about her extensive Little Black Book of celebrity beaus. Some tracks are more serious and mirror Swift's image change as she grows from a girl to a woman. Most importantly, every song is catchy and easy to sing along to, and they appeal to people in many age groups.

2. "Shake It Off" is so darn catchy All you have to hear is three seconds of it, and it's in your head for the rest of the day. The YouTube parodies are almost as hilarious as the music video where Swift is making fun of her own awkward dance moves, which are still terrible. Let's face it--they're never going to get better, but at least Swift gives it her all when she's dancing at awards shows. I personally never get tired of seeing them. "Shake It Off" is impossible to ignore, and the message is clear. Swift encourages listeners to, above all else, be yourself.

3. Pop suits Swift's voice My prayers were answered when Swift-y finally decided to quit acting like she was a country artist. Fake twang is annoying, and she was never Carrie Underwood or Martina McBride or Jennifer Nettles. I'm so glad someone finally told her to chop her hair off, put away the frumpy clothes and start dressing age-appropriate, and make a pop album. I don't care how many country music industry awards she has won, for Swift was never country. However, the new pop princess gives Ariana Grande a run for her money.