Throwing Shade

No exceptions: 5 reasons you should always tip well at restaurants


There are certain kinds of people I'll never trust, but bad tippers are at the top of the line.

As a service industry veteran, I believe you should always tip 20 percent at a restaurant even if the service wasn't phenomenal.

I have some friends who are bad tippers, and I refuse to go out to eat with them.

Here are 5 reasons why you should always tip well at restaurants:

Servers generally make less than $3 per hour. Servers don't make minimum wage, and they do so much more than take your order and refill your tea. Waiters and waitresses often begin their shift hours before a restaurant opens and have to cut lemons, make teas, clean tables, spot sweep and check bathrooms. After their shifts, servers must clean their sections, refill sugar caddies, stock condiments, roll silverware and help with washing dishes. Even if a server is cut early, he or she sometimes doesn't get actually get off work until the restaurant closes.

Everybody has a bad day. I've seen people get angry if a server is not attentive or doesn't refill their drink promptly, and their tip is reduced. If everyone in America received merit-based pay, I think we'd be hearing LOTS of complaints from folks in every single workforce industry. We all have our not-so-good days, so why tip poorly just because someone isn't on their A-game?

Tipping 20 percent is satisfactory. It's easy--for every $10 you spend, you should tip $2. Don't be that person who only tips $3 no matter what your bill is. Don't rack up a $75 bill at happy hour and then tip $5 because you spent too much money, either. If you can't afford to tip, then don't go out to eat.

Eating fast-casual? Still leave a couple of dollars. Most people who bus tables at restaurants rely on tips as well. If you go to a coffee shop or sandwich place and leave trash on the table for someone else to pick up, leave a dollar or two behind with your trash. It's common courtesy.

Paying it forward is never out of season. When I was a server, nothing made my day quite like a sweet note or an extra tip if I did a really good job. Paying it forward is rewarding in any facet of life. When I have the extra cash and the service is phenomenal, I always try to leave a nice note behind along with some extra cash. Being good to one another is important.