Throwing Shade

The D'Iberville Triangle: Don't bother using mobile maps to find your way


Trying to find your way around D'Iberville? You're better off using a compass to guide you rather than using the Maps app on your iPhone.

I had lunch at my apartment on Lamey Bridge Road and left 30 minutes early to get to an assignment at the D'Iberville Recreation Center on Kajja Street.

After listening to Siri give me step-by-step directions, I realized after 25 minutes that she had no idea where she was sending me. Big Bridge Road has been closed for months, yet she insisted on having me drive down it. When I passed it up, the GPS didn't reroute and instead insisted that I make the block and drive down Big Bridge Road again.

When I tried to show her who was boss and kept driving towards Sangani Boulevard, she had yet another surprise for me. Maps had no idea about the Sangani Flyover construction and tried to direct me to turn the wrong way into oncoming traffic.

After making a U-Turn, merging on Interstate 110 and taking the D'Iberville exit, Maps finally got its marbles together and brought me to the right address.

A three-mile, seven minute drive turned into 16 miles and 28 minutes in my Volkswagen.

I've lived in D'Iberville for three months, and all it would have taken was to turn right on Lamey Bridge instead of left to get to my destination as planned. I can only imagine the confusion the Maps application causes for tourists or other South Mississippians trying to find their way through the D'Iberville Triangle.