Throwing Shade

Was that Tom Benson's yacht at the Gulfport Harbor?

The city of Gulfport wouldn’t say if Saints owner Tom Benson’s yacht stayed overnight at the Gulfport Harbor, but they did confirm the Lady Gayle Marie arrived around 2 p.m. on Tuesday and left early Wednesday morning. Lady Gayle Marie is a Burger Yacht that is 140 feet long and draws seven feet of water, according to the city. The Gulfport Harbor is only one of two on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that can accommodate a vessel the size of the Lady Gayle Marie. When listed Benson as one of the best owners in the NFL, the article mentioned that he owned a 122-foot yacht called the Lady Gayle Marie. In case you were wondering, Benson married his third wife, Gayle Marie LaJunie Bird, in 2004. The city of Gulfport said the owner of the yacht wished to remain anonymous.