Throwing Shade

#NeverForget seagull hair, Abercrombie & Fitch damaged section

When I’m really having a bad day, I always say to myself, “It could be worse. It could still be 2007.”

If you went to my Facebook page, clicked on the profile photos gallery, and scrolled down to my very first photo, you’d find the most embarrassing, horrific picture I’ve ever taken. A selfie before selfies were cool, my first profile picture was 17-year-old me, and I can't even believe my parents allowed me out of the house. My highlighted blond shag haircut was spiked using the finest hair gel you could buy at the dollar store. The size XL T-shirt I was wearing was a 2004 $5 special from the Abercrombie & Fitch damaged section. The store was so dark, you couldn’t even really tell what you were buying. As long as it had ABERCROMBIE across it and only one or two barely noticeable stains or holes, it was totally worth it. Other terrible fashions on my high school list: sexually graphic T-shirts, loose-fit jeans, cargo shorts, argyle sweaters, and popping the collar on my polo shirts. I could be having the worst day ever, but then I remember how #blessed I am that it’s not a decade previous to today. High school fashion was the worst. #NeverForget