Throwing Shade

If you think nude photos make J. Law a slut, then you're part of the problem

If someone in South Mississippi posted photos on social media of a local woman without clothes on, those photos would be removed immediately, his profile would face suspension and he could face lawsuits or charges.

But if a computer hacker releases nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence taken from the star’s personal iCloud storage, society isn’t worried about the investigation.

We’re worried about viewing the celebrity’s racy shots, or maybe we’re worried about scolding her on Twitter for taking the pictures in the first place.

If your Google search is full of “Jennifer Lawrence nude” phrases or your Twitter page is full of re-tweets of how ashamed the “Hunger Games” beauty should be for taking naked photos, then you’re part of the problem.

We all have skeletons in our closets, but most of us are lucky we never have to teach them how to dance. Who are we to judge anyone for loving their bodies and keeping photos on their personal phones? Society scolds women for having nude photos, but why should anyone be ashamed of their body?

I’m more offended that people find it necessary to judge others for what’s on their cell phone than I am of a photo that shows nipple. If a tech wizard hacked into my iCloud account, I’m not even sure what they would find.

Put yourself in J. Law’s position before you judge her.