Throwing Shade

Worst summer fashion trend in South Mississippi: Rebel flag swimwear

My favorite thing about summer in South Mississippi is the water. Whether I want to go on a jog, swim at the natatorium in Biloxi, or wear my swim trunks and tank top to dinner at The Blind Tiger in the Bay, the warm weather is here, and the breeze from the Gulf of Mexico feels great on my skin.

I used to drive home from Hattiesburg when I was in college, I would roll the windows down as soon as I got close to Gulfport, just so I could smell the beach.

However, there’s one thing about summer in South Mississippi that I just can’t handle. Like clockwork, there’s always that handful of people who post pictures of themselves on social media in rebel flag bathing suits. I've even seen bikini shoots on various forms of social media.

There are ways to celebrate Mississippi history other than wearing an article of clothing that is seen as offensive to many. Tour the home of Jefferson Davis or go through archives at the library at Beauvoir. Take a walk through the Biloxi National Cemetery, or take a look at our iconic seafood industry by heading the Seafood and Maritime Museum or just walking through any harbor along the Coast.

I’m proud to be a Mississippian, and I’m proud to be from the Coast. I’m not a fan, however, of South Mississippi’s Confederate battle flag fashion trend. It’s 2014—we should be learning from the past, not still living there.