Throwing Shade

When it comes to current events, Millenials are with it

Sun Herald social media journalist Justin Mitchell
Sun Herald social media journalist Justin Mitchell SUN HERALD

A fatal shooting in Ferguson, Mo. An abducted journalist beheaded by ISIS. A challenge using ice to donate money to a good cause. A discussion of cultural implications and twerking in Taylor Swift's new music video.

No matter what the news headline was this week, Millennials were with it, sharing news stories, videos and their opinions on social media.

Oftentimes, my Facebook news feed is filled with selfies, posts about significant others, wedding announcements or ultrasounds. Most of my twenty-something friends, myself included, are pretty self-involved.

This week however, we took social media by storm. We wanted answers behind Michael Brown's death and used our credit cards to give money to ALS after getting wet from ice water. We even debated the use of race in Taylor Swift's newest screw you ballad, "Shake It Off."

Throughout the week, news happened that we couldn't ignore. Each time we shared a post or copied a link, we helped disseminate headlines to more of our friends who, in turn, did the same.

We're informed. We're opinionated. We're vocal. We're social. We're Millennials.