Throwing Shade

Throwback blog: From jorts to mullets to beards, Brett Favre will never lose his Kiln flair

Brett Favre is to the Kiln is what Beyonce is to Houston and what Pit Bull is to Miami.

Favre may not have been 16 in the middle of Miami (I’m looking at you, Iggy Azalea), but he was gracing the football field at Hancock as the star quarterback.

Then there’s that infamous Sun Herald photo by Tim Isbell of Brett in his jorts with that large cordless phone, finding out he had gone pro.

As a Kiln native with a fondness for Iggy Azalea, Hancock County, and jorts, my love for Brett started young. The place where I worked for 9 years, Dolly’s Quick Stop, hosted a block party when Brett made his first Super Bowl appearance.

When I met Brett’s daughter, Brittany, at a Christmas party at a bar in the Kiln nearly four years ago, our love for following celebrities on Twitter and all things ridiculous made us instant friends. Thus, my love for Brett grew even more. Basically, we’re six degrees of separation from being besties.

Move forward to 2014 when Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel began throwing shade at each other for the open Senate seat. I’m not a very political person, but I was captivated by that Cochran commercial with my BFF Brett.

He had grown his hair out into a semi-mullet and was sporting a full beard.

It may be the Kiln in me, but I believe that a man should never be afraid to express business in the front and party in the back. And I haven’t had a clean face since 2006.

Last week, my inside sources told me that Brett has since cut his hair short and shaved off the beard.

I am DEVASTATED. I am launching a personal investigation via Twitter and possibly Sqor on the shade that was thrown by you mullet non-believers regarding Brett’s questionable hairstyle choices.

Although I am devastated about Brett’s loss of hair, we all must remember that you can take the man out of Hancock County, but he’ll never lose his Hancock County flair.