Throwing Shade

There are things I wanted to forget about high school. But not this Spotify playlist.

Spotify’s Time Capsule is a customized playlist designed to bring a listener back to their teenage years.
Spotify’s Time Capsule is a customized playlist designed to bring a listener back to their teenage years.

Talk about a Flashback Friday I never thought possible.

When I think about high school, all I remember was how terrible my hair and clothes were and how none of my friends even tried to stop me from looking like an overweight seagull.

Yeah, I had the “can I speak to the manager” haircut. Don’t worry, I got my hair highlighted with the cheapest bleach imaginable, too.

And I wouldn’t leave the house without at least three shirts on. Because, you know, modesty.

Then, there was the MySpace account. Let’s just say there’s a bunch of Nickleback quotes on there that I can’t take back because I don’t remember the password.

Nowadays, these teens have Kylie Jenner contour tutorials and Twitter to help them avoid the fashion faux pas of 2006.

But if there’s one thing that was on-point in my four years at Hancock High, it was my taste in music.

However, kids in my millennial generation did not really think about how to preserve their favorite tunes.

I was still illegally burning CDs on my rich friend’s computer when I was a senior. iTunes was only for kids whose parents would spend the money for them to have an iPhone 3.

Again, these children are #blessed to have Spotify — a digital library that saves any and all playlists that costs less than three cups of Starbucks each month? Sign me up.

My Spotify history is all over the place. I listened to Miley Cyrus’ new album on repeat on Friday.

Last week, I jammed to an acoustic pop covers station. Before that, I was listening to nothing but James Arthur and Selena Gomez.

Sometimes I listen to alternative rock. Other times, it’s all nineties music.

There’s no rhyme or reason to my music selection. It really depends on my mood.

So when Spotify’s Time Capsule was published, I was skeptical it could predict what I listened to when I was driving with my friends in my 1997 Ford Taurus.

I was wrong.

Algorithms (or the Illuminati) for the win!

From Blink 182 to Jewel to Jose Gonzalez to My Chemical Romance to Ashlee Simpson, all of my favorite songs from high school are on my Time Capsule playlist.

Have you gotten your customized list yet?

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