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In the Spotlight | 'The Rose Tattoo'

Bay St. Louis Little Theatre cast members include Rosa Obregon and Douglas Hadley.
Bay St. Louis Little Theatre cast members include Rosa Obregon and Douglas Hadley.

Presented by: Bay St. Little Theatre

Where: 398 Blaize Ave. in the Depot District

Show times/dates: 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 2 p.m. April 3, 8 p.m. April 8-9 and 2 p.m. April 10

Director: Larry Clark

Producer: Cheryl Grace

Lights/sound: Charles Dessommes

Set design: Laurie Spaschak

Set construction: Dean Noel

Stage crew: Melissa Kelton, Cheryl Grace

Costumes: Daryl Himel

Music/sound effects and pictures: Clayton Pennylegion

Starring: Rosa Obregon, Douglas Hadley, Terry Cullen, Meredith Blasingame, Jim Fraiser, Linda Aiavolasiti, Amaya Clark, Ronnie Aleman, Cheryl Grace, Sarah Morgan, Christina Nelson, Elizabeth Silverhawke, Don Henry, Melissa Kelton, Linda Allen, Jay Kelton, Michael LeBeau, Leena Morgan, David Kernion and Paul Fraiser

Synopsis: "The Rose Tattoo" is one of the most famous plays by Tennessee Williams. It debuted on Broadway in 1951 and won the 1951 Tony Award for Best Play. It opened with Maureen Stapleton and Eli Wallach as the leads. In 1955, the movie starred Burt Lancaster and Anna Magnani who won Best Actress at the Academy Awards for her portrayal. Williams wrote the play intending that the Italian actress Magnani would play the lead. She refused the role in 1951 because she felt that her English was not stage ready. However, four years later, when the movie was ready to be cast, she accepted the role that was originally intended for her because her English had improved.

The setting of the play is described as "a village of mostly Sicilians somewhere along the Gulf Coast between New Orleans and Mobile." It easily could be Bay St. Louis.

The play revolves around the story of Serafina delle Rose. She is a restless widow whose intense and absorbing instinct for love drives everything before it. This extraordinary woman dominates the small town where she and her friends are living and embodies the exultation and danger of unbridled passion. Her story, and that of the lover she chooses and the daughter she denies, are forged into a play of power, humanity and soaring emotion.

Tickets: $15 adults, $10 Seniors, veterans, military, students with ID and $6 children 12 years and younger

Reservations/details: 467-9024 or