The Revivalists, formed in New Orleans, ready to boogie in Biloxi


New Orleans-based band The Revivalists will bring their brand of roots-rock to Biloxi at 6:15 p.m. Sunday for the 24th annual Crawfish Music Festival.

The seven-piece band is touring behind their 2015 album "Men Amongst Mountains," which received positive reviews from the likes of NPR and Rolling Stone.

Revivalists lead singer David Shaw, a native of Ohio, moved to New Orleans in 2007.

"I was thinking of moving to Nashville or LA or New York at the time and I didn't even really think of New Orleans" Shaw said in an interview with the Sun Herald, "but my girlfriend at the time said she had a friend that needed a roommate so I checked out the city and realized how amazing the music scene was and I moved there.

"It ended up being a great choice for so many different reasons and the music community is so amazing and supportive -- it's great."

Shaw said after he moved to New Orleans, he started going to shows and meeting people. One of the people he met was guitarist Zack Feinberg. He said the meeting was the nucleus of what would become The Revivalists.

"Zack was riding by on a bicycle when I was sitting on the front porch playing guitar and singing a song and we started up a conversation and then we went out and started playing open mics around the city like at Checkpoint Charlie's -- it went over well and we actually got a regular gig there," he said. "This led to other gigs where we started bringing in other people and we kind of grew it from there."

After the Crawfish Music Festival, the band will be appearing at one of the most celebrated music festivals in the country -- the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. This will be their fourth time to play Jazz Fest.

"Playing for a hometown crowd is nothing short of just absolutely amazing," Shaw said. "But when you go from playing in that punk rock laundromat (Checkpoint Charlie's) to playing right before huge musicians at Jazz Fest, that energy creates a very interesting atmosphere. It's a very uplifting feeling."

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