Lita Ford 'can't wait to play for the fans in Biloxi'

COURTESY LITA FORDLita Ford will be opening for Halestorm on Saturday at Hard Rock Live.
COURTESY LITA FORDLita Ford will be opening for Halestorm on Saturday at Hard Rock Live.

Lita Ford said she loves playing shows in Biloxi. One of the founding members of the highly influential Runaways, said she is looking forward to coming back to the Coast.

"One of the best shows we played on the last tour was in Biloxi," Ford said in an interview with the Sun Herald. "What a great place to play."

Ford, who was named "Heavy Metal's Leading Female Rocker" by Rolling Stone, will be bringing her rock show back to the Coast on Saturday with a show at the Hard Rock Live with Halestorm.

With a catalogue of hits including "Kiss Me Deadly" and "Close My Eyes Forever," her duet with Ozzy Osbourne, she said she is excited about the tour with Halestorm.

"This tour is going to be great," Ford said. "Halestorm is a great band, and we can't wait to play for the fans in Biloxi."

But unlike the times she's played Biloxi in the past, it will be her first time to play the area as an accomplished author.

She released her autobiography "Living Like a Runaway: A Memoir" to good reviews.

Featuring a foreword by Twisted sister's Dee Snider, "Live Like a Runaway," chronicles Ford's start in the Runaways and her rise to become one of the leading female figures in the male-dominated world of hard rock.

"I joined the Runaways when I was 15," she said. "I started playing gigs with them. But my dad made sure that I graduated."

The book details the ups and downs Ford experienced during the 40-something years she has been touring and performing.

But she said she didn't use other rock memoirs as a template.

"I can't read that stuff," she said. "I'll try to start reading some of it and then I just fall asleep."

She is preparing for the release of a new album, "Time Capsule," which was recorded during the '80s.

"I found all of these old analog tapes that had never been released, and it's just some great stuff," she said. "They sound exactly as they were recorded. We even had to bake the tapes before we transferred them to digital."

The album features appearances by Rick Nielsen, Dave Navarro and bassist Billy Sheehan, among others.

"Man, Chris Holmes from WASP is on there -- how cool is that?" she said. "It's some of that great rock music from the '80s. We are even going to release it on blue vinyl for the people who listen to albums."