Blaze bringing heat to Kress Live in Biloxi



Blaze Ya Dead Homie has been rapping since high school. He’s been touring in one way or another for nearly 20 years.

He has collaborated on songs with MC Breed, Insane Clown Posse, Twizted and the Kottonmouth Kingz. If that last sentence made you excited, then clear your calendars for Saturday night, because Blaze Ya Dead Homie promises to deliver in style when he performs at 8 p.m. at Kress Live, 814 Howard Ave., Biloxi.

Blaze Ya Dead Homie is Mt. Clemens, Mich.–based rapper Chris Rouleau’s stage name for a character he created. Blaze came to life while Rouleau was on tour, rapping backstage as he helped the Insane Clown Posse build and break down its stages.

Blaze, as Rouleau prefers to be called, is on tour in support of his seventh album, “The Casket Factory,” which was released Jan. 15.

“You know, I’m just trying to bring some flavor with me,” he said. “I got the brand-new artist from Majik Ninja Entertainment, Lex the Hex Master, on tour with me and we’re just doing it, man; we’re out here having a good time.”

Blaze is known for his work within the horrorcore-style of rap, which roots itself in macabre lyrics, violent imagery and dark grimy beats with a ghoulish, winking sense of humor.

“We’re coming to Biloxi the day before Valentine’s Day, so you know, it’s gonna be live, we’re gonna have a great time,” he said. “We’re playing at Kress Live, that’s how live it’s gonna be.”

After he toured a while with Insane Clown Posse, Blaze said, people on tour noticed his hard work and rhyming ability. As his freestyles got better he began doing guest verses on other people’s songs. From there, Blaze Ya Dead Homie was born.

“When we were working together I came in with an entirely different idea of what I thought was cool, then I was Blaze the DJ Magician, and then you know,” Blaze said, “and with the natural progression of being an artist, I remember (Violent) J saying ‘You should be a dead homie,’ and it stuck, just like that. It all blew up from there.”

And now, many years, seven albums and numerous EPs later, Blaze is excited to come to Biloxi for the first time.

“I love Biloxi, I’ve eaten there so many times while on tour,” he said. “I’ve been here so many times, but this might be my first time playing Biloxi. I’m sure people will refresh my memory about it after this.”

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