Bacchus in Biloxi offers plenty to love

JULIAN BRUNT/SPECIAL TO THE SUN HERALDMardi Gras Poppers are a great way to start.
JULIAN BRUNT/SPECIAL TO THE SUN HERALDMardi Gras Poppers are a great way to start.

The restaurant scene on the Coast is booming, and now we can add to the growing list Bacchus in Biloxi.

Bacchus in Biloxi, describing itself as an oyster bar, ups the ante in upscale-but-casual dining. The downstairs dining room and its balcony are the domain of the restaurant, warm and inviting.

Upstairs, bartender Russell Moody rules, but the wraparound upstairs deck has a cool all its own. It has big city lights, courtesy of the just-across-the-street Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, and six-lane traffic that hums by and adds just the right amount of energy. Combine all this and you have a place that swings all day and all night long.

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The menu at Bacchus stands on its own, no matter the atmosphere. The entrees are a careful balance of three pastas and five main dishes. If you are seriously hungry, check out the aged filet for $29.95 or the Almost Famous Pork Chop for $28.95, but an even better idea is to go about this menu in a tapas style.

Go with a group of friends and start by sharing an order of Mardi Gras Poppers, $8.95. Spicy jalapeños are stuffed with Italian sausage and cheese and wrapped in applewood-smoked bacon. A round of cold brews would be a good choice to go with that.

Next try the Seared Tuna -- six slices of sashimi-grade tuna, a just-right hint of sesame oil and a homemade soy glaze for $12.95. Remember, you are sharing with friends so the price per serving drops precipitously.

This is an oyster grill, so the evening would not be complete without a dozen fat, salty oysters, naked for $15.95 a dozen or grilled in one of three ways. Rockefeller is the most popular, but any way you like them they are $19.95 a dozen.

If you count the starters, salads and sandwiches, there are two dozen delicious dishes you can mix and match with friends. This menu is too good to just order a big entrée and let it go at that.

Late-night hours make this the ideal place for those who work late shifts, but Bacchus in Biloxi is open for lunch as well.

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