Ricky Flake: Two concerts and a mosh pit

Last week's Top 10 Plus 2015 Part Two ended with an early September album; so there were leftovers for a Part Three. This week will feature my thoughts on a concert from Jeff Lynne's ELO, a 1970 festival performance from Irish band Taste and a punk-flavored recording from a female Brooklyn band.

'Live In Hyde Park,' Jeff Lynne's ELO (Eagle Rock Entertainment, HHHHH)

This Sept. 11 DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital release presents Jeff Lynne's ELO with the BBC Concert Orchestra, filmed in Hyde Park last September as part of BBC Radio 2's "Festival In A Day."

I attended an Electric Light Orchestra show at their career peak, which revealed great playing, sound, stage design, and possible pre-recorded stuff. That isn't needed with this huge new crew, including Lynne's longtime keyboardist Richard Tandy. The bonus film reveals even more about Jeff's career and abilities.

Every concert song is good; but my favorites are "Ma-Ma-Ma Belle," "Showdown," "Livin' Thing," "Strange Magic," "Can't Get It Out of My Head" "Mr. Blue Sky" and "Handle With Care," presented as a tribute to Roy Orbison and George Harrison.

This show is a video greatest hits album for ELO fans.

'What's Going On-Live At The Isle of Wight,' Taste (Eagle Rock Entertainment, HHHHH)

This Sept. 18 release is available in DVD, Blu-Ray, two-LP, CD and digital formats; and it presents seminal Irish rock band Taste (Rory Gallagher/guitar and vocals, John Wilson/drums and Richard McCracken/bass) playing before a humungous crowd before disbanding over money and management problems at the end of a European tour. Formed by guitarist/singer Gallagher in 1966, Taste released two studio albums ("Taste" 1969 and "On The Boards" 1970). The concert is at the center of a documentary by Murray Lerner. The DVD gives viewers the option to watch the concert alone and contains other bonus songs. The CD and LP versions also contain extra tunes. I can see that Taste was on the way to international popularity, and where Rory's reputation as one of the hottest live guitarists of all time began.

'Chartreuse,' Sharkmuffin ((State Capital/Little Dickman Records, HHH 1/2)

This release was streamed on Aug. 7, and I heard just enough for me to request that a friendly publicist with up-to-date equipment burn me a copy. Sharkmuffin is a trio from Brooklyn (Tarra Theissen: vocals/guitar, Natalie Kirch: vocals/bass with drums here by Patty Schemel). These are pretty good blasts of punk-poppy music. Favorites: the title song, "Mondays," "Secrets" and the throbbing "Now," all of which typify the "punk-noise" tag Sharkmuffin has given itself. Fans of either will enjoy this recording or selected songs by download.

Ricky Flake, a former punk rocker and current music fan, lives in Biloxi. Reach him at flakericky@gmail.com.