Attention critics: 'Throwing Shade' isn't going anywhere

Sun Herald social media journalist Justin Mitchell
Sun Herald social media journalist Justin Mitchell SUN HERALD

Never in my 25 years on this planet would I think I would relate to a Taylor Swift song. It’s embarrassing and juvenile, and I only have some select South Mississippians to thank.

Apparently I’ve gained some haters, and I just have to learn how to “shake, shake, shake it off,” as Swift says in her new single.

I started a blog called "Throwing Shade" that gives me an outlet to offer witty and sometimes ridiculous commentary regarding current events, pop culture and all things South Mississippi.

The point of a blog is to be engaging, provocative and give a personal voice that isn’t seen in news stories.

I’ve been in a newsroom setting for almost five years, starting in the basement of College Hall at Southern Miss and now in the newsroom at Sun Herald.

I could give you a long, extensive list of news stories, feature articles and social media reports that I’ve successfully had published, but my resume speaks for itself.

I’m most proud of my current beat, Coast Characters, that profiles unique South Mississippians and the mark they are leaving on the place I call home.

But some people, as told by their hateful comments on my blog posts, don’t understand the difference in a blog post and a news story.

I received flack for writing a blog post about personalized license plates. Recently, commenters on social media took me to task for dissing rebel flag bikinis. I’ve been bashed for liking to take selfies and criticized for defending Miley Cyrus.

Well, all I can say is sorry that I’m not sorry. My blog is something I enjoy posting and is clearly doing it’s job. People are reading it and engaging in discussion, sometimes heated debate. My blog in no way reflects my experience as a news reporter.

Throwing Shade isn’t going anywhere, and I hope you continue to read.