Airpark bringing their brand of pop-rock to Government Street Grocery

Airpark will play Government Street Grocery at 10 p.m. Friday. Airpark making OS debut at Grocery.
Airpark will play Government Street Grocery at 10 p.m. Friday. Airpark making OS debut at Grocery. Airpark

Straight outta Nashville, Airpark will bring a special spark of sound when they come to Government Street Grocery on Friday night.

Airpark began touring the Southeast heavily last month in support of their debut EP, “Early Works, Volume 1.” The EP was released earlier this month on their own label, Eugenia Hall Records.

Band member Michael Ford Jr. recently spoke with the Sun Herald by phone from somewhere around Wisconsin as the group was traveling from Minnesota to their next show in Nashville. This month, they’ve played Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City, and their tour will continue throughout the year.

The band members are Ford and his brother Ben Ford, who are joined on this tour by a drummer and keyboardist.

Some music fans might know the Fords for the music they created in their former six-piece band The Apache Relay. They’ll be playing some reworked songs from that era, such as “Tongue Tied,” along with cuts from their new EP.

Airpark’s first single, “All of the Time,” has a great pop feel. The drums, rhythm guitar and bass work together while each contributes its own hook to the song and provides a base for energetic vocals. The band tones it down a bit on softer songs such as “Plenty to Pine For” and “Even If,” but keeps the lyrical interest and hook.

Michael Ford said he and his brother made a conscious effort to scale back the layers that went into Airpark’s sound. The result is a collection he said is the best lyrical material they have ever written.

“We heavily focused on minimalism,” he said. “We’ve been devoted to trying to evolve and push ourselves. It’s interesting and it retains a focus on the songwriting. Our goal is to present something we can play with the two of us, or to let it grow.”

The brothers play electric guitar and sing. They also play percussion and other instruments. They are a little more than one year apart in age. Michael Ford said they began playing when they were about 11 and 12 and have been in bands ever since.

“We grew up outside of New Orleans,” he said, “where there’s a heavy focus on the arts. We were lucky to have a lot of supportive people around us.”


10 p.m. Friday

Grocery, 1210 Government St., Ocean Springs