Beau Rivage’s ‘Christmas Wonderland’ offers holiday cheer

Dancers perform during ‘Christmas Wonderland.’
Dancers perform during ‘Christmas Wonderland.’ Beau Rivage

Beau Rivage has decked the halls and now will wish you a Merry Christmas with their new holiday musical extravaganza “Christmas Wonderland.”

The show, which is playing in the Beau Rivage Theatre for a limited engagement, opened Wednesday and will run through Dec. 29, with shows at 3 and 7 p.m. daily.

The song-filled musical production will offer everything from heartwarming songs such as “Chestnuts Roasting” and “Mary Did You Know” to fun sing-alongs like “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Holly Jolly Christmas.” But as much music as is packed into the show — some 30 songs — it’s so much more than just your standard Christmas carols, according to Jay Lodge, associate producer and CEO for Dublin Worldwide Productions USA.

“What we’ve managed to do with this show is broaden that spectrum by putting in different styles of the songs,” Lodge said. “We have ‘Jingle Bells’ where it’s basically ‘Jingle Bells’ clapping with all the performers on the edge of the stage doing a clapping routine. There’s also kind of a Greek Zorba-style ‘Here Comes Santa Claus.’ The target is to put a different spin on all of these wonderful Christmas songs that exist and make them more interesting than just the box standard that everybody knows.”

The show also is a flashy production with constant changes of costumes and scenery. And, it’s performed by an international cast of seasoned singers, dancers, ice skaters and acrobats. Lodge said that while the Christmas show is in its eighth year, it is rejuvenated annually with fresh ideas.

“We don’t like our productions to sit still and stay as they are,” he said. “We’re constantly trying to reinvent them and put another layer on them, or another twist to the show. That’s become quite paramount this year.”

Also worth mentioning is that the 90-minute production is crafted to create a festive, feel-good atmosphere that is fun for all ages.

“There’s things in there to cater to every audience, every age group,” Lodge said. “There are cute little bits specifically for the children, and of course there’s the ice skating, which is a big favorite with everybody. If you don’t enjoy this show, or the majority of this show, then you just don’t enjoy Christmas.”

Tickets for the show are $10.95 and are available online at Beaurivage.com or by calling 888-566-7469.

‘Christmas Wonderland’

Beau Rivage Theatre, 875 Beach Blvd., Biloxi

Tickets for the show are $10.95 and are available online at Beaurivage.com or by calling 888-566-7469.