Coast favorite Travis Tritt clarifies statements on Beyoncé

Travis Tritt will be at The Steeple on St. Francis in Mobile on Jan. 20
Travis Tritt will be at The Steeple on St. Francis in Mobile on Jan. 20 KRT

The Dixie Chicks may not have released a new album in several years, but that doesn’t mean the band has lost its ability to stir up controversy among diehard country music fans.

The latest controversy stems from a Nov. 2 performance at the CMA Awards show, which aired Nov. 2 on CBS. The Dixie Chicks performed with Beyoncé on the performer’s song “Daddy Lessons.”

The performance angered some in the country community, including singer Travis Tritt. Tritt, who has played the Coast twice in 2016 — once at the Crawfish Music Festival and a recently at the IP Casino Resort — took to his Twitter account on Nov. 3-4 to rant about the inclusion of Beyoncé, a pop star, at a country music awards show.

Tritt recently clarified his statements. In an interview with Country Music Nation, he said his frustration was with the CMAs and not Beyoncé, claiming the organization was trying to get higher ratings with the crossover performance.

“All I said was that her performance — in my humble opinion — her performance as well as any of the other performances that have been on from the pop world, including Arianna Grande, Meghan Trainor, Justin Timberlake or whoever, do not belong,” Tritt told CMN. “ I don’t think they belong on any country music show. Especially on a country music show that was a 50-year celebration — an anniversary of what was supposed to be the entire 50-year history of country music awards — the CMA Awards show.”

Tritt went on to say that his words had been “twisted” and that they were taken out of context.

Tritt released his latest album, the acoustic “A Man and His Guitar” on Nov. 18. He will be playing an acoustic show at The Steeple on St. Francis in Downtown Mobile on Jan. 20.