An early holiday gift list, part one

Encyclopedia of Punk
Encyclopedia of Punk

This week’s column lists books that have already been reviewed with review dates in parentheses (including two from 2015), followed by a short description.

1.‘Sound Man,’ Glyn Johns (Blue Rider Press, , April 8)

Glyn Johns engineered or produced albums like Led Zeppelin’s debut, “Who’s Next,” the Eagles’ debut, Eric Clapton’s “Slowhand,” The Small Faces and The Faces, ARMS and many others.

2. ‘Black Sabbath: Symptom Of The Universe,’ Mick Wall (St. Martin’s Press, 1/2, July 29)

Lots of rumors and insinuations have been bandied about Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward . . . the original four members of Black Sabbath, who pioneered their own brand of doomy, tempo-changing and sludgy music.

3. ‘Snakes! Guillotines! Electric Chairs! : My Adventures in the Alice Cooper Group,’ Dennis Dunaway with Chris Hodenfield (St. Martin’s Press,, Aug. 19)

Dunaway was the skinny, unique, idea-filled bassist of the original Alice Cooper band before management talked lead singer Vince Furnier to become a more showbiz solo artist.

4. ‘Manor Threat: Snake Pit Comics 2013-2015,’ Ben Snakepit (Microcosm Publishing, Oct. 14)

This new book of daily diary comics was published on Aug. 9. There are many happenings in Ben’s, Karen and Peeber’s lives during the years covered by this book’s comic strips: job advancement, aging (Ben turned 41 by book’s end), home ownership (June 13, 2014), medical crises, moving to a smaller community and more.

5. ‘Punk Rock Entrepreneur: Running A Business Without Losing Your Values,’ Caroline Moore (Microcosm Publishing, , Oct. 14)

This new book by Caroline Moore spotlights the things she has overcome in building her own business the DIY way. The book’s small size belies its big truths, and Caroline’s writing/drawing styles carry it along.

6. ‘The Encyclopedia Of Punk,’ Brian Coogan (Sterling, 1/2, Jan. 15)

This is a fascinating reference work with foreword by Penelope Spheeris. Coogan has included all the major bands and pre-punkers. He also covers “movements” like hardcore, New Wave, and more.

7. ‘Punk U.S.A.: The Rise And Fall Of Lookout! Records,’ Kevin Prested (Microcosm Publishing, , April 17)

This 2014 book began as a chronological review and story about every release from California’s pioneering independent record label.

What happened to bring the label down? You’ll have to read the book to find out, and you’ll enjoy doing so.

8. ‘Crate Digger: An Obsession With Punk Records,’ Bob Suren (Microcosm Publishing, , April 8)

This enjoyable book, which bears the names of his two previous enterprises below Suren’s name (Sound Idea/Burrito Records) tells of his time as a person for whom punk music became a passionate career right before downloading became popular.

Ricky Flake, a former punk rocker and current music fan, lives in Biloxi. Reach him at flakericky@gmail.com