Rick Springfield has new show, new album and he’s coming to Biloxi

Rock Rick Springfield returns to Biloxi on Friday with a show at the Hard Rock Live. And yes, there will be “Jessie Girl.”
Rock Rick Springfield returns to Biloxi on Friday with a show at the Hard Rock Live. And yes, there will be “Jessie Girl.” Courtesy

When Rick Springfield rolls into the Hard Rock Live on Friday, he will bring with him tracks from his 18th album, “Rocket Science.” The singer/actor who gave the world “Jessie’s Girl” and played Dr. Noah Drake on “General Hospital” also has been recently cast in the role of Lucifer on TV’s “Supernatural.”

And much like his role on “Californication,” where Springfield said he was playing a “twisted version of himself,” his turn as Lucifer finds him playing the fallen angel as a rock star. But his TV rock star role is one of a rock star trying to make a comeback. And that’s where the comparisons end. Springfield is not trying to make a comeback because he has never gone away.

He had a role on season two of HBO’s “True Detective” last year as well as a role opposite Meryl Streep in the film “Ricki and The Flash.”

In an email interview with the Sun Herald, Springfield discusses his new role, his new album and why he still collects “Star Wars” toys.

Q: So, you’re playing Lucifer as a rock star. Are you enjoying it?

A: Yeah it’s been a lot of fun. Everyone loves to be bad, right? He is a tortured soul and so am I so it’s a good match.

Q: As a fellow collector of “Star Wars” toys, have you been buying up any from the new movie, “Rogue One?”

A: Dude seriously? That’s cool you collect toys. A fellow 8-year-old! They are my favorite thing about the movies. I don’t buy the new ones, only the rare vintage ones. It’s actually good I did that “Rolling Stone” interview about my “Star Wars” collection ’cause now I get to talk about them in interviews. My favorite figure is Headman. He’s so rare he’s not even in any of the movies. It’s a Turkish bootleg and has super cheesy graphics and there are only two of them in the world and guess who has one of them. Yep.

Q: Tell me about “Rocket Science.” It’s a really eclectic album from the rocking “Light This Party Up,” the blues of “Miss Mayhem” and even pedal steel and some country songs “Crowded Solitude.” Did you record this album yourself?

A: Yes. I’ve always written and produced most of my stuff. I’ve been working with Matt Bissonette writing and producing on the last three albums, and we have a groove going. The goal is to have an album full of great songs so whatever form a song takes doesn’t matter as much as that it’s a great song.

Q: Are you playing some of the songs live?

A: Yes we play “Light This Party Up,” “Down” and “Miss Mayhem.” They work really well live. I have an amazing band and they kill it.

Q: 1981 is one of my favorite years in music. What are some of your favorite songs or albums from that year?

A: I really liked “Working Class Dog” by that geeky doctor on “General Hospital.” Whatever happened to him? I liked (The Police’s) “Ghost in the Machine” and (Soft Cell’s) “Non Stop Erotic Cabaret” — a lot of the British bands.

Q: What was the first song you heard that really left an impression on you?

A: “Dream Lover” by Bobby Darin. I was seven and I heard it on the bus on the way to school and I thought it was amazing — I’d never heard anything so melodic before. Still love that song.

Q: What’s your favorite thing you’re currently listening to?

A: It’s this new British band called The Beatles. Its pretty good stuff. I’m listening to Porcupine Tree, Royal Blood and Jackson Browne right now

Q: And I have to ask you this: That scene with “Jessie’s Girl” in “Boogie Nights” is one of the most amazing scenes of all time. Did you have any idea how Paul Thomas Anderson was going to use it? What were your thoughts when you saw it for the first time?

A: I only heard about it when people started talking about seeing it in the film. I met him after a screening of “Ricki and The Flash” at Sony and I thanked him very much. That was really the beginning of the resurgence of “Jessie’s Girl.” I thought it was a really brave choice — he got that it’s a dark song lyrically, but has a pretty good melody.

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Rick Springfield

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