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    Getting rid of lice is no easy task

    As I stood in line to mail some documents to my headquarters at Mississippi State, I was approached by a young woman who had a question for me. Being brought up as a gentleman, I acquiesced to her query. Her question was this: Could she iron her daughter's hair to get rid of head lice? Unfortunately...


    Yellow splotches are first sign camellia has tea scales

    A neighbor asked me to come to his house and look at his camellias. He was concerned about their health. As I walked up to his front door, I knew immediately what the problem was. The leaves on some of his shrubs were blotched with yellow, a sure sign that the camellias had tea scales (Fiorinia ...


    Empty nests aren't always empty

    When birds abandon their nests, they often leave behind unwanted guests. These are bird mites. Don't let the name "bird" mite fool you. They can become pests of humans as well.


    Millions of microscopic critters in your bed?

    As you lay your weary head down to rest tonight, you won't be alone. There can be millions of dust mites in bed with you. Many people who are allergy prone already know about them. The reason the dust in your home is such a common allergen is due in no small part to the cast-off skins and fecal ...