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    Trapping is best mole-gathering method

    People often blame moles for damaging plants. This damage most often is caused by voles (field mice) that opportunistically utilize a mole's tunnels for their own use. Moles aren't rodents. They don't have the long incisors of that group of mammals. Moles have small, sharp teeth that aid them in...


    Praying mantids prey on what they can catch

    This week's column isn't about a pest. It's about a fascinating group of insects called praying mantids.


    Silverfish settle in slowly, but they're not picky

    Silverfish have managed to survive for over 400 million years, probably because they're not too fussy about what they eat. They'll consume dead leaves, dried meat and skin, seeds, even their own dead. When they associate with us, they start eating book bindings, cereal, cornmeal, cotton, flour, ...