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    American cockroach problems? Be a bad host

    The genteel ladies of the Old South couldn't abide the thought that they could have cockroaches in their homes so they came up with a more acceptable name of palmetto bug. Nevertheless, if you have to have a cockroach in your house, the palmetto bug is the one you'd want. Another good thing about...


    Yellow garden spider is grand dame of the garden

    The past few weeks I've been sent by post, e-mail and through my Facebook page numerous photographs depicting female Argiope aurantia. The spider is known by a number of common names: black and yellow Argiope, scribbler, yellow garden spider and writing spider, to name a few. Her large size and ...


    Disappearing habitats could threaten monarchs' journey

    The monarch butterfly has a problem -- a big one. That problem is us. Over the past few decades, the number of these Halloween-colored beauties has declined sharply.