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    Lichens are more than a fungus

    Lichens are unique organisms, so unique that they are a significant conundrum for scientists whose job it is to classify them. This is because lichens aren't a single living thing. They're symbiotic with a fungus and an alga working together to benefit each other -- so closely that they seem to ...


    Moles dig digging for buried treasure

    Moles are aiding archaeologists in gathering information at sites where the researchers are restricted in what they can do.


    Tim Lockley: You can prevent garden cat-astrophes

    For years, it was thought that cats were domesticated first in Egypt around 3,600 years ago, but a Neolithic grave that was excavated in Cyprus pushed that date back by 6,000 years. In it was found the skeletal remains of an adult human male along side that of a cat. This cat could have been a companion...