Q. I see advertised the same vehicle, but one is priced higher than the other. What price do I believe?


A. There are governing bodies to insure the validity of advertisements. That being said, you must be conscious of all fine print and qualifications to get to the advertised price. Since we guarantee to have the lowest price, simply consult us and we will be glad to meet or beat any advertised price.



Q. What is a better color to choose when buying a car?


A. Color is your choice. It represents what you like in a car and why you bought it. Color has no bearing on the purchasing of a car. It is your personal choice. What does matter would be the condition of the color such as

is it rusting or faded which you would see first hand.


Q. Should I bring my checkbook when I go shopping for a car?


A. If you are serious about buying a vehicle when you start car shopping, and you use checks for your purchasing, it would be good to have your check book with you. Once you decide on a vehicle,a deposit or down payment may be required or recommended for you to secure your vehicle of choice or requested by the bank and or credit union that is handling your financing.


Q. When shopping for a car, should I bring my old car with me if I want to trade it in?


A. Yes! For any vehicle to be traded, it must be seen first hand so a valid and proper appraisal of your vehicle can be made. Furthermore, it is to your advantage to do this as you will be able to describe first hand all the features and / or repairs you may had done on the vehicle. This information can add value to your car and benefit you if equity is needed from your trade in.


Q: I am in the market for a new car. In today's economy, would you recommend I invest in a new vehicle or a used vehicle?


A: In any economy, whether good or bad, if you deal with an Authorized Manufacturer Retailer, such as Champion Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM, you can safely invest in a new or used vehicle. Such Retailers operate under more defined regulations, guidelines and licensing with respect to their new and used automotive inventory and every new vehicle has an established manufacturer warranty, while every used vehicle must be thoroughly and properly checked before being offered for retail to the consumer. Some vehicles may also be accompanied with extended warranties. These features and benefits give you the peace of mind that you’re making a valid and solid investment per your automotive purchase. Also as a buyer, you have the added advantage of being able to choose a new or used vehicle, both having applicable warranties available at purchase with options to increase coverage, while having an positive relationship with a company that practices higher consumer standards.



Q: What is your position on purchasing a warranty? As a whole, how reliable are warranty's purchased through franchise dealerships


A: A vehicle warranty purchased through an authorized manufacturer retailer that represents the brand of vehicle you are purchasing the warranty for is the most valid and reliable of coverage. Because the coverage purchased is specific and comprehensive to the brand’s make and model as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. In addition, you have the advantage to determine the amount of coverage for your specific vehicle and the length of term that meets your needs and budget. A credible warranty offered through a manufacturer’s dealership is an honest and solid investment.