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200 Pounds Beauty (Minyeo-neun goerowo)
Comedy, Romance
A big gal goes to great lengths to release the beautiful woman inside in this romantic comedy from South Korea. Ami (Seo Yun) is a glamorous and sexy pop star who has a string of hit records to her credit, but what most folks don't know is she can't sing a note and the voice on her recordings is actually Hanna Kang (Kim A-jung). While Hanna has a beautiful voice, she also weighs 200 pounds, which has prevented her from having a career of her own, and while she's in love with Sang-jun (Ju Jin-mo), the producer who hired her to be Ami's voice, she lacks the nerve to tell him how she feels. When Hanna is invited to a posh party by Sang-jun only to discover Ami is wearing the same dress but in a much smaller size, she decides the time has come to make some changes. Hanna drops out of sight, has plastic surgery and liposuction, and a year later emerges as pretty and slender Jenny. No one recognizes Jenny as Hannah, and when she auditions for Sang-jun, he's certain he's found a new star to replace Ami, whose career has gone into a tailspin since Hannah went AWOL. Jenny's career is off to a great start, and she seems to have impressed Sang-jun on a non-professional basis, but Ami thinks there's something odd about this unknown singing sensation and starts doing some detective work. Minyeoneun gwiroweo (aka 200 Pounds Beauty was adapted from a popular comic book by Yumiko Suzuki.~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide Rated No Rating .
Cast: Jin-mo Ju, Hyeon-shik Lim, Dong-il Song, Yong-geon Kim, Ah-jung Kim
Produced by:
Directed by: Yong-hwa Kim
Written by: Yong-hwa Kim, Hye-yeong No
Running time: 2hr 0min
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