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The Empty Acre
Living in a small town in Kansas, Beth and Jacob appear to have a normal life. But behind closed doors secrets lurk. Forgotten dreams. A crumbling marriage. And something stranger--a field where nothing lives. Cattle that stray too near die suddenly. Townspeople disappear in the night. And, every day, the dead patch of land grows larger. Then one night, Beth and Jacob's infant son is taken from them. What follows is a frantic search for their missing child. As Beth delves deeper into the mystery of the deaths and disappearances around town, she comes closer to learning the terrible secret of the dead land and the evil force behind it. A mysterious stranger, Phillip, may hold the key. But, the closer Beth draws to the truth, the less stable her husband--and her sanity--become. Can Beth and Jacob find their child in time? Or will their son, and the rest of the town, also become victims of the Empty Acre? Rated .
Cast: John Wilson, Bob Paisley, Jennifer Plas
Produced by:
Directed by: Patrick Rea
Written by:
Running time: 1hr 42min
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