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Under the Snow (Nevando Voy)
With the winter season fast approaching and orders piling up in the snow chain division, supervisor Javier and shy assistant Jairo are joined by temporary workers, motherly Karmentxu and feisty Angela. During the frigid days, they each pack chains in silence until Angela starts breaking the rules. Work becomes a game and their dismal workplace becomes a playground. Their newfound camaraderie makes them reflect upon what they demand of their lives and of each other. However, it is uncertain what will happen when the snow ceases to fall. Rated No Rating .
Cast: Xabi Yárnoz, Asun Aguinaco, Gabriel Latorre, Laura De Pedro
Produced by: Maitena Muruzabal, ela Figueira
Directed by: Maitena Muruzabal, Candela Figueira
Written by: Maitena Muruzabal, Candela Figueira
Running time: 1hr 39min
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