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    Random questions keep gardening interesting

    Through the year, I get quite a few questions concerning landscape issues, plant care and plant identification. Answering questions and helping home gardeners find success in their gardening endeavors is fun.


    Ornamental cabbage, kale give winter color

    This weekend, the thermometer in my garden got down to the low 30s and left me wondering if I've seen the last of my tomatoes and peppers. But it also reminded me that it's time to transition to plants that thrive in lower temperatures.


    Gary Bachman: Top plants earn the 2015 Mississippi Medallions

    Many Southerners (in general) and Mississippians (in particular) base their new plant selections on the annual recommendations from the Mississippi Medallion Selection Committee. The committee has just announced three winners for 2015: Delta Jazz crape myrtle, Suburban Nancy Gayle daylily and Top...