SSC beat Lawrence County, 62-28, to advance to 4A title game against Noxubee County.

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Pope honors Ugandan Christian martyrs as example of faith

Francis held Mass before an estimated 300,000 people honoring the 45 Anglican, Catholic martyrs

Nearly a half-million come to see the pope before he heads to Central African Republic

Some 150,000 young people gave him a rock star’s welcome when he arrived in his popemobile


Annie: Mistress still makes contact after affair ended

Dear Annie: After 21 years of marriage, my husband was enticed by a divorced woman and engaged in an affair. She made it very easy for him and was constantly emailing, texting and calling. This woman knew me and my family, and that we were happy, but it didn't stop the homewrecker from pursuing my husband until he gave in. I realize he is just as guilty as she is, and could have said "no" at any time. But he realized what a huge mistake he made, and we decided to get counseling and salvage our marriage.


Abby: Neighbors make themselves at home at another castle

DEAR ABBY: I have a neighbor, "Mrs. Smith," whom I see often in another neighbor's yard, "the Joneses," when they are not home. I have seen Mrs. Smith pick vegetables from their garden and take them to her house, and Mr. Smith connect extension cords that run to their home in the winter months when the owners are away. The Smiths are at least in their 60s and well off.

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